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23rd of each month we pick a customer to receive a free pair of socks!

Share pics of you wearing your sock ape purchase in our forum and we will pick one lucky poster each month!  (Shipping is free)

Go crazy and showcase your socks in all kinds of wacky settings and backgrounds.

We want to see all sorts of wacky backgrounds while you showcase your amazing Sock Ape's.

If you TikTok your Sock Ape wear - You could get yourself a free pair of Sock Ape's!

Here's how:

  • TikTok your SockApe socks.

  • You have to verbally mention OR have a sign/writing that reads

  • Keep it clean and go crazy!!!  The wacky videos are the best! :)

  • When you hit 10,000 views - Email us a screen shot of your stats and  TikTok username to

  • If you want to win multiple pairs - Simple create multiple TikTok videos.

On the 23rd - We will pick one Sock Ape customer from the submissions to receive a free pair of Sock Ape socks.  (shipping is free)


Affiliates VS Sock Ape
Our Give Away's are for Sock Ape brand custom socks.   Not our affiliates socks.


Folks who receive their free socks will be featured on our Blog and social media accounts.

If for some reason you wish to use an alias or you don't want to show your face... Just let us know and we will happily accommodate your needs.

This is NOT a contest to us.

It's simply our way of selecting a Sock Ape customer to receive a pair of our amazing socks through various channels that we elect to use.

It's our way of saying we love you and want to see you having fun in your Sock Ape's.

If we get complaints regarding this cool concept, we will just have to cancel it.   
Please be fair and truthful when being a Sock Ape customer and submitting info.


If your a Sock Ape customer and you posted a Sock Ape Forum picture on or after the 24th but before/on the 23rd of the following month - We may randomly select you.

"Tok Your Sock" RULES 
If your a Sock Ape customer, post a TikTok of you wearing your Ape's.

Get 10,000+ views and send us a screen shot and your TikTok username.

On the 23rd we will pick one person who submitted their TikTok stats to receive a free pair of socks.

One video per receipt of socks.  In other words... If you have 10,000+ views and you receive a free pair of socks.  You can't re-submit that same video again when it reaches 20,000.